Monday, 24 October 2011

. Hubby Birthday Celebration .

Halluuu .

23rd October was my Hubby's 26th year birthday . Happy Birthday Sayang ! We were actually has already in KL sbb on Saturday tu pepagi pergi hantar my parents to LCCT . They were all went to Vietnam . Bawak staff pergi jengjalan ke Vietnam .

Berbalik pada cerita my Hubby's celebration , I , myHubby andy BIL pergi dinner kat Muhibbah Restaurant , Kg Sg Penchala . Kepada yg dah pernah pergi this restaurant , previously it was situated at TTDI but now dah pindah ke Kg Sg Penchala. We all order Ikan Kerapu Masak Kicap , Butter Prawn , Deep Fried Sotong , Lala Cili , Lemon Chicken (my favorite !) and Kangkung Belacan . All of the food were awesome ! The food Quality was also maintain . Overall puas hati !

Last but not least , Happy Birthday Yayang ! Semoga panjang umur & murah rezeki . I Love You Forever & Ever . Muahhh !

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